Divesh Reflective Essay

It was a great year of learning and at the same time doing actual business. The main reason I chose to study Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship was the design thinking module. I knew from the beginning of this course I will be getting a lot of hands-on experiences in the real business world. Firstly, when […]

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Preparations For The Finals

As our company was selected to compete in the UK finals. It was time to get going and prepare for the competition that we were going. Everyone was really excited about the opportunity that we had got. Thanks to all the teammates that worked really hard through the year. We are given mentors to perform our best […]

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Final Dragons Den

After getting the feedback from the mock dragons den. The team worked really hard in preparations for the final dragons den. Our main focus was to cover all the points which were given us on a sheet of paper. We made the alterations according to that and were ready for once again putting a great […]

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Mock Dragons Den

Hello Everyone! After winning the best product company in the Enterprise event gave us a boost to work and achieve more. While preparing for the mock dragons den, we had given new criteria for the pitch. Previously in the enterprise event, the pitch was three minutes and now it had gone up to six minutes. So […]

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Bright Idea! Winners

Out of 500, only 150 teams were selected for the Bright Ideas finals. We were one of the teams that qualified for the product category. The pitch for the day was supposed to be three minutes and ten minutes of Q&A’s. We had to put all the content with three minutes that composes of the Introduction, […]

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First Trade Fair

It was the day that all the students were waiting for the first trade fair. This event happened at the Kingston Business School. Every student was looking forward to this event because it was the first time each and every company were going in front of customers. All the teams were supposed to assemble in the business […]

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KU Trigger

Entering into an enterprise event is always a good idea. Kingston students are very lucky in this case because we have a very hard working enterprise department. That is solely responsible for the enterprise event called KU Trigger. In this event, the participants have the change to meet the entrepreneurs. Out of 500 entries, 150 […]

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Stage 2: Prototyping

As a team, we have decided to make the Titan case for the phones. That majorly solves the problem for the people regularly going to the gym. We have already submitted this to the Dragons Den competitions. And the design of the product is almost finalised. As the Christmas break is going on. The whole market is closed […]

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Learn from your mistakes but never make the same mistake twice. At this moment of time, we were at stage one again. Our team was working even harder than ever. We had two days to come up with a product. In the gym, people hate to carry their phone. But they have to listen to the […]

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